We believe with all our hearts that business has the responsibility and the opportunity to solve the biggest world issues. But only if people running the business are driven by the need to make a world a better place for all.

Our contribution is to support  leaders to liberate their companies and create the positive changes.

Our Team

Marjana Laibacher Rogelj

My favorite quote:

There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don’t you?


What do I stand for:

By developing Conscious Leaders making the world a better/more meaningful and more sustainable place to live in.


My personal story:

My people: I enjoy spending time with people that dare to be authentic and a bit crazy sometimes and hold space for all our differences.

My place:

Quiet green places, untouched mountains covered with snow and windy windsurf spots is where you will find me enjoying free time with my family, my dog, and friends.

My learning:
My sons are my greatest life teachers. Giving them wings to fly and roots of belonging are my end-life journey and learning.


My professional journey:

I gathered more than 25 years of experience working with people in the business world as Business Director in Consulting company, a Trainer and a Coach. Last 11 years I’m on an entrepreneurial path, running my own company called Moj Mentor www.moj-mentor.si


I focus on Leadership and Team Development programs and Culture Change Transformations. My passion, expertise, and professionalism are recognized through long-term partnerships in many international companies.

In addition to my formal education in Psychology, I completed the accredited coach programme at the International  Coach Federation (ICF) and iPEC and acquired the title of PCC, CPC Coach and Eli – MP. I am also a consultant for the Cultural Transformation Tools methodology and the use of CTT at the Barrett Values Centre.

Teja Breznik Alfirev

My favorite quote:

I have been a seeker, and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.


What do I stand for:

I desire to support leaders and organizations shift the levels of consciousness and start creating the business and personal lives based on love instead of fear and distrust.


My personal story:

My people: I love spending time with people who are trying to make a positive impact on other’s people lives and make a world a better and healthier place for all beings.

My place: My ideal location is the sea. Whenever I can I spend my time on my sailing boat, with my partner, my kids, and my lazy Beagle. I let the sea teach me how to stay focused, flexible and humble.

My learning: Learning to trust the process of life because of the uncertainty of my elder’s daughter health condition is my most significant learning.


My professional journey:

Before running my own company (www.flow-svetovanje.com) I was gathering experiences in different fields; sales, business development, an HR Director and a member of the Executive Board in an international company.

In the field of HRM my work was recognized several times in professional circles; in 2012 I was also honored with the Award of the national HR Director.


Today my professional focus and passion are Leadership and Cultural Transformations.


In addition to my formal education in management and the management in tourism, and the completed GMP (General Management Programme) at the IEDC Bled School of Management, I studied in a multi-year training of Transactional Analysis (TA), completed the accredited coach programme at the International Coach Federation (ICF) and iPEC and acquired the title of PCC, CPC Coach, and ELI – MP. I am also a licensed consultant for the Cultural Tools Transformation methodology and the use of CTT tools at the Barrett Values Centre.

Our values



We believe great things are accomplished when companies are led based on love instead of fear and distrust. We are passionate about sharing the Frequency of Love.



When people are allowed to be authentic, they can contribute with their head, heart, and hands. The greatest reward is when we lead people and organizations through the liberation process from fear to trust.



Every individual is unique and has unique talents and gifts. We support organizations in developing the supporting environments where people can improve their gifts and talents fully for outstanding performance.



We believe the next stage of our evolution is to use our masculine and feminine powers within us to work harmoniously and create a better world for all. We guide leaders on their evolutionary journey to become the best leaders for the world.




We aim for Top Performance.


Everything we do is about Performance. If you are inspired by achieving Top Performance, we could be a perfect match. We understand Top Performance as Action. We believe that Top Performance happens when we Are Our Best and Do Our Best. And to achieve it, we need to tap into our capabilities and all the dimensions and potentials of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

We Co-create partnerships and solutions.


It is not what we do to you; it is what we create together. We attract partnerships that are based on trust, respect, and authentic connections. We help you find and decide what the best possible way for you to go to is. We co-create interventions with you to ensure that our work is supporting and addressing your most crucial business issues.

We start at the Top.


We begin at the top and engage from the bottom. We believe the Transformation of the organization is only possible if Leaders are first willing to transform themselves. Leadership teams need to take the lead and act as a Role model. We make them tap into their true inner wisdom and learn how to be aware, authentic, and confident. The role model inspires them to create meaningful relationships and leads values-based changes in the organization. We also believe that including all-level employees is critical to success.

We Measure what matters most.


We use world-wide recognized and proven Assessments that measure what matters the most and impacts the Business results. Check more about our Assessments.

We shift Mindsets and expand Consciousness.


Traditional development approaches focus on gaining new knowledge, skills, methods, and processes, all within existing paradigms and mindsets. We believe that Top performance is mostly rooted and driven by our mindsets and our needs. We deepen your insights into human dynamics, go beneath the surface, identify and challenge limiting beliefs, shift mindsets and build values and purpose-driven individuals and organizations. We expand your consciousness and the way you think, and bring you to a more holistic perspective with more options and possibilities.

We create Transformations, not Change.


The performance of the organization is affected by all the people that work in it. Organizations don’t transform; people do. To develop sustainable progress, change is not enough. Change is making existing things better, is rooted in the past and is merely a substitution of one thing for another. Transformation is creating new things and is inspired by the future. To sustainably change an organization’s performance, the transformation of how its people work is vital. Transformation requires a fundamental shift in mindsets and consciousness and has a significant impact on how people work and what results they achieve. We aim for the transformations of people and organizations.

We build durable and sustainable Capabilities.


We aim to make you independent and self-reliant. We work in a facilitator and coaching mode that gives you the power, the choice and builds your awareness and confidence. We create dialogue and involvement through the whole organization. We make sustainable change that brings empowerment, capability, and readiness to face whatever comes in the unpredictable business world.

We bring fun, trust, and life-changing experiences.


We believe that the journey is as important as a result itself. Working under stress, fear and pressure make people withdraw and limit their real capacities. We think that people thrive only in trust-based relationships in which they can discover and share their true selves and their potentials. Therefore, we create a relaxed working atmosphere, inspire people to enjoy the journey and, through meaningful relationships, build on their common goals and aspirations. And we aim not only to achieve the common purpose but also to impact people in a way that they will remember this journey as their most crucial life-changing experience that has a positive impact even on their personal life and their family.

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